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Cinema of the real

The art of listening to reality

We direct and produce films

that are more novelistic than journalistic or political.
Reality is complex, contradictory, and multidimensional, and cinema, like life, can embrace it all.
To us, cinema of the real is a powerful alchemic process that can liberate people from the stories they carry within:
the filmmakers transform the segment of reality that resonate with them into a film;
the film’s witnesses cathartically transmute their experiences into performance;
the audiences shift perspectives as they identify with new levels of reality that seemed so out of reach.
What we can do for you

If you need artistic advice and/or are looking for collaborators for your creative projects
we would love to share our experience with you and dive into your project together.

Get in touch if you are looking for:
Co-production opportunities;
Editing/cinematography/sound services
Creative advice on visual storytelling from idea development to finished work;
Pitching  preparation;
Advice on treatments and teasers;
Feedback on rough cuts;

Just send us an email with your project proposal or idea to book a 1/hour free conversation with us.


Feature film

In the centre of London, an ex-demolition worker and his neighbours
must witness the dismanteling of their homes and community.
A tender exploration of inhabitancy, belonging, and loss,
told through unprecedented access to
the most iconic “brutalist” social housing estate in the world.

Produced by R4REAL ltd - Country: UK - Language: English - 91 mins - 2020

Supported by: Laing Foundation, Illuminati Music, NFTS, Marco Caminiti Colourist, and Intricate Sound.


Feature film

An empathic account of the personal and financial struggles of people
living at the margins of society after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Produced by R4REAL ltd - Country: IT - Language: ITALIAN - In development
Produced by R4Real ltd

R4REAL ltd
based in London, Florence, Palermo

Founded by
Carlotta Berti
Michelangelo Ferrara

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